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Senior Patrol Leader: Sam S
Assistant SPLs: Aaron K, William B, and Trevor A
Scoutmaster: Sandeep Kundra
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updated (10/25/2016)

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2016 Advance Camp Report, by Rahul S.

posted 10-25-2016
Troop 110: Activities for week of October 24, 2016

Hello All:

We had a busy weekend with a number of scouts helping with Aaron K's Eagle project.  We also have a Coyote Hills hike led by John M.  where we have a scout from Pack 110 join us on the hike.

This Wednesday is a regular troop meeting, some things to note:

• Troop elections are scheduled for Nov 2, scouts interested in a leadership role should contact me.

• Upcoming Cameron's campout next weekend, please see Ethan O who is organizing the activity

• Let's also have a check-in with Aaron K on his project to see if he has any additional workdays planned.

• Scouting for Food is coming up fast; please see the emails from Ethan O/ Mr. Oates for the dates and to sign up as we have a big area to cover.

See you at the meeting.

Sandeep Kundra
Scoutmaster, Troop 110

posted 10-25-2016
Aaron's Eagle Project

Hello Troop,

Here is the information for the next day of my Eagle project, this week on Sunday, October 30.


- Finish building fence
- Put light coat of sealant on the fence
- Staple 3 levels of wire between the post
- Rake back wood chips, cut tarp, and staple tarp

Needed: Scouts should bring gloves, a hat, and a refillable water bottle. I would appreciate it if parents and scouts could bring extra rakes.

When: 11AM on Sunday, October 30. It ends at 4PM, but you can leave when you need to.

Where: Meet at the Ohlone Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Address: 37175 Hickory Street Newark, CA 94560

Special Directions: There are special directions to get to the OHSWRC. If you were to be going down Thornton Ave., and, after you pass August Schilling Elementary School, Google Maps will want you to turn onto Willow St. The path set by Google will result in a dead end. Instead, keep going down Thornton past Willow until Hickory St. Turn left onto Hickory St. After going down Hickory Street, it will look like you're in a parking lot. Keep going to the dirt road at the back of the parking lot. There will be a sign saying Ohlone Humane Society, and, if you keep going, you'll get to the building.

Who: We need at 10 people at the most for this day. If you are available, want to come, and are not planning to sign up at the troop meeting Wednesday, please contact me. Thank you.

If you have any questions, or need to contact me,
here's my contact info. Thank you.


Aaron K.

posted 10-19-2016
Are You Re-chartering for 2017 ???

Hello troop 110 parents/scouts.

If you are on this email trail, you and/or son(s) are registered with troop 110 through 2016. Every year the troop has to re-charter which means everyone has to get registered and pay the fees for 2017.

I am handling the re-charter this year and wanted to do a little preliminary work to possibly save you & me some time.

Simple questions and request.


1) Your son has aged out of scouting or will age out in 2017 and does not plan to rejoin the troop as an adult in a different capacity, please let me know.

2) You are an adult and do not plan on re-registering with the troop, please let me know.

Ideally, we would love to have all adults remain as adult leaders with troop 110 to help the next generation of scouts matriculate through their ranks and become well rounded young men. We understand that life does move on and so must its adult leaders. If this is your situation, please let me know.

Just drop me an email. This way, I can remove you from the re-chartering emails that I will be sending out in the near future.

Thank you in advance,

Hao Nguyen

P.S. It was decided at the last two committee meetings that youth fees for 2017 are $120. This includes a copy of Boys' Life magazine paid for by the troop. Adult fees for 2017 are $24 for adults.

posted 10-25-2016
The Legendary Cameron's Campout - Oct 29-30

Troop 110,

This weekend, October 29-30, we will be having our annual Cameron's Campout in Half Moon Bay. If you have not signed up already there is still time to do so.

Who: Troop 110 scouts and adults.

Where: Cameron's restaurant in Half Moon Bay

When: Saturday, October 29-30th; We will meet at St Anne's at 8am.

What to bring: Your ten essentials, water and a lunch for the beach hike, comfortable shoes, backpack, sleeping bag, and a signed troop 110 permission slip.

Please make sure to bring your signed
permission slip. If this is your first campout with the troop and have any questions on what you should bring please ask Ethan or John and we will help.



posted 10-24-2016
Scouting For Food - November 12th and
November 19th

Troop 110,

We have 5,000 door hangers to pass out on Saturday, Nov. 12th so we need lots of Scouts and Adult drivers.

The following Saturday, Nov 19th we will have bags of canned food to pickup so again we need lots of Scouts and lots of Adult drivers. Our effort will help out the Bay area food banks so we would like to see the entire troop participate on either one or both days. Service hours are available for high school students.

When: Saturday November 12

Where: Meet in Saint Anne's parking lot at 9:00am

What: Place door hangers for Scouting for Food

* Scouts need to be in their class A uniform.

When: Saturday November 19

Where: Meet in Saint Anne's parking lot at 9:00am

What: Pick up donated food, sort it and drop it off.

* Scouts need to be in their class A uniform.

On both days we will be meeting in the parking lot at St. Anne's. We will have snacks available in the morning before you head out and as always, we will have a pizza party lunch on the second Saturday for those who help out.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


posted 10-18-2016
T-shirt for Troop 110

Dear troop 110,

The troop 110 T-shirts have arrived, and now we have a good amount in stock, mostly larger sizes covering Youth Large, Adult small to XL. If you are interested in getting one or a few, please indicate the desired size and quantity to me at the following email address:


It will be $12 each, cash only. If you are not sure about the size you need, these will be available for fitting at the next troop meeting.


Xiyun (Aland's mom)

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Updated 10/25/2016

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William B


Black Diamond Mine Trip

Arman A


Aaron K. Eagle Project work

Aaron K.


Lion's Club breakfast speech

Trevor A


PLC @ 7:00 PM, Troop Committee @ 7:45 PM
St. Anne's Church

Sam S
Sandeep Kundra
Desiree Moreno


Adult Scouter Event
Commissioners Roundtable @ LDS Church on Walnut Ave

MP District


Garin Park Hike

Ethan O, John M


Aaron K. Eagle Project work

Aaron K.


Troop Meeting
St. Anne's Church
Indoor Rally practice

Sam S
Sandeep Kundra


T110 COH @ St. Anne's MP Hall



Coyote Hills Trail Trekker Hike

John M, Arman A


Troop Meeting
St. Anne's Church
COH Prep, Skips & Songs

Sam S


Cameron's Campout

John M
Alan D
Rahul S
Ethan O


Aaron's Eagle Project, 11:00 AM
Meet at the Ohlone Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, 37175 Hickory Street Newark, CA 94560

Aaron K

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