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Senior Patrol Leader: Sam S
Assistant SPLs: Aaron K, William B, and Trevor A
Scoutmaster: Sandeep Kundra
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updated (7/24/2016)

2016 Summer Camp Information (7-23-16)
Meeting Minutes (06-08-16) |  Scout Accounts/Troop Finances (6-30-16)

posted 7-23-2016
Troop 110 2016 Summer Camp at Camp Oljato Trip Report

Hello Troop 110 Scouts & families;

Our troop contingent has returned from beautiful Camp Oljato after a packed week of activities. The final tally was 10 scouts and 4 adults attending the camp this week; we were neither the smallest number of attendees nor the youngest attendees at the camp. In addition to scouts, there were a number of families also staying at the camp with children as young as 3 months. Everyone stayed healthy other than a few scrape and some mosquito bites. We did have one incident where a cut required a trip to the hospital for a few stitches at the recommendation of the camp health officer. We met many friendly troops, some quite large, other not so much; and one provisional and energetic troop from Palo Alto/ San Jose.

We arrived at the Camp Oljato on Sunday, July 17, moving from the 100 degree heat of the Central Valley to temperature in the low 80's at an elevation of 7500 feet. The troop was met by the staff from the camp at the dock where the camp attendees are picked up and dropped off. Our Troop Friend (Winston) and Camp Commissioner (Wes) accompanied the Troop 110 scouts to the camp on a ferry boat. Health checks and documents were reviewed (thanks Bryan, Desiree & Tim for the organization); things went smoothly and we went to our campsite. The campsite had canvas covers over a steel frame, sitting on an elevated platform. Most of us were able to put our bedrolls on directly on the frame, some had camp provided industrial mattresses available. The tents were more for rain protection, and did not provide any temperature barrier; late night and in the morning they were as cold inside as outside, so warm sleeping bags were needed. The camp provided water at each campsite, hot showers were available in centralized latrines, but despite encouragement not all our scouts made use of that amenity during the week.

Swim checks and merit badge class signups were reviewed the following morning, and the troop went into full activity mode. All scouts were signed up for multiple merit badges reflecting their interests and were also able to work on activities during open time. The adults spent their time walking around camp; participating in IOLS, adult leader, ASM/SM training; water activities, shooting activities, and being available as a resource for the scouts. Many of our scouts used the free time to sample other activities such as Rifle shooting, archery, kayaking, canoeing, sailing or one of the many other choices for fun or rank advancement; a couple of scouts went on an organized 16 mile day hike through Kaiser pass which took them to an elevation of over 10000 feet.

The troop was well fed by the staff of the Camp, except on Wednesday when the commissary supplied food boxes and the troop did their own cooking. The scouts working on the cooking merit badges did most of the work, occasionally assisted by a couple of other scouts and adults. I noted that we have several scouts that definitely know how to cook bacon properly. In addition to the camp provided meals, on occasion when the scouts wanted a snack, the trading post did brisk business on candy, ice cream and sodas.

The troop also had KP duty where in rotation 2 scouts from the troop assisted for each meal in helping setup the service and with the cleanup following the meal. In addition, our scouts (and occasional adult) had latrine cleanup duty also in rotation, which was a real messy chore on some days. I am very pleased that all Troop 110 scouts performed the latrine cleanup (spray sinks & showers, scrub surfaces on both. Wipe the toilets and wash the floor. Restock the toilet paper and paper towels) duty without complaining, so it is possible they can also do it at home.

Troop yells, singing, and skits were performed many times during the week. The troop also performed a closing flag ceremony, participated in the pentathlon, Olympiad competitions, and Commissioner's games. In addition, the staff entertained all scouts at camp by humorously delivering the morning messages (please ask your scout about Rambo Commando, Rock Jack, Hans & Franz, and the Highlanders), and also calling the scouts to meals by singing until all units had arrived. There were opening and closing campfires, and an organized activity every evening. In all, there were no moments to be bored and being idle was a choice.

Our departure across the lake was well organized by the camp staff, merit badge cards and rank information where applicable was reviewed and given to the troop adults before leaving the camp. The troop returned back to the initial dock area by camp ferry boat and loaded the cars for the return trip; leaving at about 10:00AM for the return trip.

Pictures of the summer camp will be posted soon, in the meanwhile please ask your scout to show you their Camp Oljato totem and talk about what each bead on the string represents. [
camp pictures here]

This very successful summer camp represents the enthusiasm the scouts brought to the activity, as well as the diligent effort of multiple adult supports and organizers. I recognize that Aaron K, in the role of SPL for the summer camp, stepped up and performed in an outstanding manner: from getting the scouts up in the morning, to organizing them for activities, creating the scout duty roster for the next day, to personally putting away the "Bear bag" and trash before going to bed each night. His actions exemplify what we expect of our most senior scouts, and reflect a high degree of commitment and maturity. As the scoutmaster I fully believe this summer camp would have been much less fun and not as organized without the support that Aaron provided.

I would like to close by giving special recognition to the troop Adult leaders: Mr. Jen, Mr. Nguyen, and Mr. Venkatesan who most generously gave their entire week to attend the camp in support of our scouts and troop.

Sandeep Kundra
Scoutmaster, Troop 110

posted 5-18-2016
Attention Troop Parents

Hi Troop 110 Parents!!

Summer is around the corner and school will be out shortly!! Lots of activities are planned for the boys of Troop 110. Please review
calendar for upcoming events.

Keep them busy so we do not hear the inevitable "MOM or DAD, I have nothing to do or I'm bored!"

Also, we have had a couple of boys that have Eagled out of the troop....big round of applause!

Sadly, that also means that we are not only going to miss their parents but it also leaves a couple of adult troop positions open.

The following positions now open are:

     Troop Treasurer

     Advancement Coordinator

If anyone is interested in one of these position, please contact myself or Sandeep. It is important to fill these positions and it is a wonderful way to be involved in your sons scouting experience.


Desiree Moreno
Committee chair

Mark Your Calendars!
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Look for further information regarding ecch activity as the dates approach.
Updated 7/17/2016

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Troop Meeting
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