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       "The online world, like the rest of society, is made up of a wide variety of people. Most are decent and respectful, but some may be rude, obnoxious, insulting or even mean and exploitative. Children and teenagers get a lot of benefit from being online, but they can also be targets of crime and exploitation in this as in any other environment."
Lawrence J. Magid


On this site the following rules will be followed:

  • No private home addresses (except Members area).
  • No phone numbers of Scouts (adults phone numbers okay with approval).
  • No full names of Scouts - first name and last initial only (except Members area and Eagle Scout announcements with parent approval).
  • No e-mail for Scouts (parents/adult leaders e-mail okay).
  • Photographs okay only after committee/parent approval.
  • Scouts will not be identified in photographs by name.

This web site has been designed with the utmost safety of our Scouts in mind. Most of our readers are trustworthy. However, the Internet is a completely open medium, so we must be careful. If you would like additional information regarding any security issues, please contact the Webmaster.


  • No collecting of personal information.
  • No cookies (not even Girl Scout :-).
  • No advertising.
  • No use of data tracking software.

This web site is committed to safeguarding your privacy. You will never receive any junk mail or solicitations of any kind as a result of browsing this site.


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